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Vote Sam!

Lady and gentlemen of the jury, thank you all for making this a crazy, fun and unpredictable game. Like everyone else, my goal coming into this game was to win but there can only be one winner. It was a long and bumpy road to get to the end but I am proud to say that I am sitting here, content with the game that I have played.
Entering the game, I was a part of multiple majority alliances and I had several side alliances. I had a cross-tribal Tumblr alliance which included myself, Casey, Adam and Ryan from the favorites tribe and Laure, Jack and Wes from the Fans tribe. I also a the "cult" alliance with Eddie, Taylor, Hunter and Casey from my tribe and Wes and Tyler from the other tribe. I also had a final 2 deal with Hunter that no one knew about, as well as a tight alliance with Szymon that I didn't tell anyone about. At the start of the game I was in a pretty good position and could have easily ridden both alliances and gotten roughly 6th or 7th place; but I was not willing to settle. Feeling that I was at the bottom of both alliances, I enlisted the help of my two closest allies, Hunter and Szymon and brought Taylor on board to vote out my biggest threat Casey. Although that vote severed my ties with some people in the alliances, it helped strengthen my relationship and alliance with others. Immediately following that vote, we had a tribe swap where I was not in the best position however I had just found my first idol. So when my new tribe went to their first tribal council, everyone but Jack wanted to vote me out because I was perceived as a sneaky and manipulative player. Although I knew I had my idol to guarantee my safety, I wasn't ready to let go of my idol so after failing at flipping enough members of my tribe to turn on Ryan I came up with a plan to save myself and my idol. With Jack's help, I managed to save myself and my idol by having Jack tell the fans, with whom he was aligned, that I had an idol and planned to vote one of them out. The fans, fearing for their safety in the game immediately came to me (literally 5 seconds after Jack told them) wanting to vote out Ryan. Everything went as planed and Ryan was voted out and then we merged!
Once we merged, I found myself back in the minority and in a precarious situation. I was able to reunite with Hunter who was also on the bottom and I also had Szymon who was in with the majority and helped me. On the first merge boot, due to animosity between some people, we thought that Hunter would be going so Hunter played his idol however all things did not go as planned and Jack left. Fortunately, Hunter wasting his idol was a blessing in disguise for me because on a Skype call, I had convinced Laure that I played my idol on Hunter. The news of me using my idol on Hunter spread like wildfire and the target on my back shrunk because they believed I no longer had an idol. On the previous vote Boo had come to me wanting to work together however he lied to me, so I knew to save myself, I would need to win immunity; and that's exactly what I did. As a student of the game, I know that majority alliances rarely stay intact at the merge, so I made myself available as a number for those who wanted to make big moves. I didn't approach people about making these moves because I knew they would simply vote me out the first opportunity they had for trying to be sneaky. I developed a close relationship with Boo and helped him vote out Adam, one of the members of the majority alliance. When Laure was left in the dark about the vote, I knew she was uncomfortable with her position and all she wanted was revenge on Tyler. So Boo, Lucky, Laure and I formed a voting block and I told Szymon to vote with us. Together, we successfully voted out Justin, a huge strategic threat and Najim. After Hunter's departure from the game, I knew I was on my own however at that time, I had found my second idol. As a group, we collectively decided to vote off Lucky for being unpredictable, and then something no one ever thought would happen, happened! In an unlikely Skype call, myself, Boo, Laure AND Tyler (yes folks Laure and Tyler were working together) we made a final 4. I told them about one of my idols, so they wouldn't be tempted to try and vote me out. We successfully voted out Szymon and Ali and made our goal of making the final 4 together. After making a promise to Laure that I would not vote her out, the votes were tied and after the tie breaker Laure was out of the game. Now I sit here next to two great competitors, Boo and Tyler!
This entire game, I have been looking out for myself always making sure that I kept myself safe no matter what was going on. I worked my ass off in every single immunity challenge and won several of them and I spent countless hours nagging Trace to check my idol guesses. I feel that out of the three of us sitting here in the end, I played the best game and deserve the title of sole survivor. No one dragged me here, I got here all on my own. I sat back and observed when I needed to, I jumped in and made moves when I needed to and I was always adaptable. I found not one but two idols, neither of which I needed because I worked to ensure my safety without them and never relied them. I believe that I outwitted, outplayed and outlasted everyone and that's why I deserve the title of sole Survivor.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your comments and answering any questions you have. Thank you everyone and good luck Tyler and Boo :)
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Vote Tyler

Hello everyone! I'm gonna try to make this opening statement as quick and to the point as possible. I do wanna start off by saying it was a pleasure playing with you all despite the slow movement of the game. Whether we got to speak a lot or not much at all, collectively I do feel this was an exiting bunch of people to be around.
Now, moving on to the beginning of the game I quickly aligned myself with Boo and Wes whom I knew from Sardinia. Boo and I had just come off our rocky relationship in Sardinia but we were hoping to turn things around for us (relationship wise), and take our newly found friendship deep in the game. The 3 of us quickly grabbed Laure, Justin, and Jack into the allaince to make a solid group of 6 that we can keep at least until a tribe swap. Having won so many challenges on the Fans tribe, my alliance and I were never put in any danger early on.
But when the tribe swap happened that's where I feel like one of my biggest game moves transpired. Just before the game had begun I already had an alliance with Eddie and a bunch of the favorites (Sam, Taylor, Hunter, Casey) and even Wes who was a Fan obviusly. My allegiance was mostly to Eddie but everyone knew the original plan was for the entire group to make the merge and have mysef and Wes flip over to join the Favorites come the merge and just fuck shit up basically lol. So when my new tribe consisted of 4 Fans (Myself, Boo, Ali, and Laure) and 4 Favorites (Eddie, Taylor, Hunter and Szymon) I knew right away I was going to drop eveything and join the Favorites (and try to still keep Boo safe in the process). It was going to be a rather easy vote with Boo also voting for Laure making it a 6 - 2 vote... BUT, when a non game related incident occured between Eddie and myself, it left our relationship broken,full of doubt and no trust for one another. And when someone tells you they no longer trust you anymore you have to do what you have to do to keep yourself safe. What kind of alliance would I be in to stay in a place where trust is broken? I was set for disaster. So immediately I tell Boo we can't stay with Eddie and the favorites any longer. And to our luck Szymon was also willing to vote with us because Boo was already his friend from before the game had begun. This was litterally a last minute plan and everything came together very quickly. And had I not taken fate into my own hands this game would have been an entirly different one. Laure and Ali would have missed the merge and even more importantly I wouldn't have been able to seize the control I gained after that vote. Eddie was taken out by myself, the fans, and Szymon in a harsh blindside that I felt like changed the course of the game, with Taylor following right out the door behind Eddie. I realized my tight bond I had with Ali was paying off, Laure seemed to trusted me the most on our new tribe, Boo was still my #1 ally, and Szymon had just made a 3 way deal with Boo and myself. I had arguably the best seat in the game as I seemed to have everyone wrapped around my finger with the exception of Hunter who I guess feared how dangerous I'd become. Of course I will never wanna discredit Boo as he was also by my side to help control things as well.
Once the merge was underway the main objective was NUMBERS. It wasn't a difficult decision to keep the bonds I had with Boo, Szymon, and Ali and start our new alliance there. I immediately excluded Laure from the allince (against Boo's wishes) because I couldn't fully trust Laure as she was too unpredicatble and hard to read. So Najim was added because I knew him from Sardinia, and I knew he would stay loyal to the group and most importantly to myself. JUST LIKE ALI. And I knew I wanted Justin on my side because he's smart and he always seemed like a very practical player back on the fans side. So I would say that I put together this stronger pac of 6 votes that help carry us, myself, and Boo a very good way through the game. It was pretty much whoever Justin, Boo, or myself wanted gone, that's how we voted. I would say though that about 80% of the groups decsions were my own. Boo was always by my side to help, but I do feel like I was the leader of the group and also the glue that held us together. Justin also had a lot of imput as sometimes it was just he and I to come up with a plan. Because half of our alliance was very inactive at times. Najim (bless him) lives on the other side of the world (not his fault), Ali just wasn't active, and I think Szymon just became busy and held up in other ORGS. Having a group like this was hard to to control and keep everyone on the same page but it also left me in a massive power postition. And this game for me was all about taking control of my own destiny and not giving other people the chance to mess up MY GAME. Which was also very different for me coming out of Sardinia. I always respect all players and their different strategies to make it to the end, but for me this was about grabbing the bull by the horns and not letting it slip through my fingers.
So when we reached the final 8/9 or so. I was completely blindsided when Boo and Szymon decided to voted against me and take out Justin. I really felt like Ami from Vanuatu when Leanne (Justin being Leanne) was voted off. Because just like Ami I felt like I had complete power over what was happening in the game and I was leading a successful alliance up until this point and now Boo and Syzmon just took my legs out which is exactly what Leanne was to Ami in Vanuatu. Of course now I fear I had taken too much power over Boo and he's now attemting to oust me. Luckily Boo claims to still be with me but i know Szymon is a lost cause now which was very dissapointing to me considering the bond that we had. But the thing was Boo was playing both sides as he assured people like Sam and Laure that they should keep me around and I assured Najim and Ali that Boo is still with us. This was part of the strong dynamic Boo and I had, he was able to keep my enemies away from putting my name down, as I was able to make sure my original alliance never turned on Boo. Despite Boo turning on the alliance a second time voting out Najim without my knowing. When Najim was taken out I had had it. I did believe Boo was still with me but now I was looking like a sitting duck. But if there's one thing I learned in Sardinia is that the game is never truly over until its REALLY OVER. So as the days went on I went to publically engage with Laure (as usual lol), and she brought up an interesting proposition to work with her as no one would expect it. One thing lead to another and then a skype call with Boo, Sam, and Laure which ultimately lead to a Final 4 deal we all agreeded to. Of course with me having nothing to lose I agreed to it to take the target off myself as a threat. The plan was to take out the inactives (Lucky, Szymon, Ali). I really wanted to save Ali but not after be publically told the tribe he did't wanna be the "Victoria" to my "Derek" lol. And that's funny because I do feel like Derek from Big Brother 16 would be overal a good way to describe my game. I wouldn't say I EXACTLY played a game like Derek because his game was almost flawless. But maybe in some way you can look at my game and slightly compare it to his. And I do wanna say I know I wouldn't have been able to make ALL of these moves all by myself. I do give credit to my allince members Boo, Symon, Justin, Ali, and Najim for sticking with me. You can't have control if you don't have a loyal bunch. I'm only as good as my team. And if you have no team, you're done. And I give them all credit for that. Specifically Boo as my right hand. But even Boo will tell you (as he told me earlier in a skype call this week) that I was always the leader of the group (hense why I obtained the control that I had.)
And even when things started looking bad for me in the game I picked myself back up with the help of Boo and people like Laure and Sam who could have (and probably should have) taken me out. I'm actually still shocked they didn't try to get me out when they had the chance. But that's the thing in a game like this, you can't ever give up even when your odds start to look slim. I do feel like my strategic game was strong in Nicobar as I was in great power positions most of the game. And with the exception of Szymon flipping on my main alliance I do think I had a fairly good social game because I was always able to keep my allaince members close and like I said I was the glue that held people together because they trusted me. My only regrets I have are maybe not getting the time to talk to people like Adam and Lucky more. Because I do respect everyone here and I'm glad I've gotten to get to know the people that have played here in Nicobar. It was truly an honor and I look forward to answering your questions and helping making your decisions a little more clear tonight on who you want to vote for. And again, thank you for your time and the memories we've all shared together, thank you and good luck making your decision :)
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Vote Boo

I just want to start off by saying this has been an awesome experience and I have met so many awesome people in the process. Now let’s get down to business. Out of the three people standing up here, I do believe that I deserve to win. I’m going to take most of my time in this speech to explain to everyone why that is.
I started off this game with only one goal in mind; to win. Once the cast was revealed, I immediately got to work. I allied with Tyler and Wes right off the bat because we had all previously played together. Our alliance was called "Wes & B****es <3". I later created an alliance with us, Laure, and Jack. We were the majority alliance of original Indira.
Once the tribe swap happened, I immediately contacted Szymon because we are such good friends so I knew he would be a loyal companion. I got pulled into an alliance with Tyler, myself, Szymon, Hunter, Eddie, and Taylor. The alliance wasn't that solid. So instead I helped create a new alliance with myself, Tyler, Laure, Ali, and Szymon.
I was practically playing both sides. Whenever we went to tribal, I knew I would have to pick a side. From past games I knew Taylor and Eddie were dangerous so me and my allies chose to target them and vote them out.
When merge hit, I had a pretty solid majority alliance but I knew that I needed to make friends with other people to cover all my bases. I approached Sam (who was in the minority at the time) about possibly working with her in the future.
During the first merge tribal, everything went as planned. On the second tribal, I planted the seed in a lot of peoples head to vote Adam due to him being a big threat. For this tribal, everything also went just as planned.
Just like in the tribe swap, during the merge I was playing both sides. I had an alliance with myself, Najim, Tyler, Szymon, Ali, and Justin. Things were getting kind of boring and I knew that some of my allies might turn on me so I decided to make a move.
I contacted Sam, Laure, Hunter, and Lucky about being in an alliance to flip the game and they all agreed to it. At tribal I knew I would have to pick a side and I did. We blindsided Justin (due to him being a huge strategic threat). After that I had to do a LOT of damage control.
By the next tribal, everyone had forgiven me so once again I was almost perfectly playing both sides. I had to choose sides again and I chose to stick with my new alliance and voted out Najim.
At the next tribal, everyone pretty much agreed to vote out Lucky. Then me, Sam, Tyler, and Laure made a final 4 and we voted out Szymon and Ali.
During the final 4 tribal I had the choice to blindside my closest ally, Tyler, or vote out Laure. I chose to show my loyalty by keeping Tyler and voting Laure out.
Now I am here. I'm standing by two of my closest allies during this game and I couldn't be happier.
I think that overall I have almost perfectly perfected the 3 essential aspects to this game; social, strategic, and physical game.
For my physical game, I always competed in challenges and even won two individual immunitys. I even came pretty close to winning a few more.
For my social game, I was friends with everyone. I talked, strategized, and had fun with almost every single person in this game. This lead me to receive NO votes this entire game. I always managed to keep the target off of me every tribal.
For my strategic game, I pretty much controlled this entire game (along with the help of my allies). I voted with the majority at every tribal. Each person I wanted gone, was voted off. I created alliances, formed plans, and thought threw every scenario.
I was also one of the few people to actually care about this ORG. I never self-voted, always bothered Trace to post results, and I even made my own page on this wiki to keep track of my game.
Please vote for who you honestly think played the best game. If you think I played the best game, vote for me. If you think Sam played the best game, vote for her. If you think Tyler played the best game, vote for him. I do believe we all earned our spot here and this could be a hard decision.
I have grown to love and like each and every one of you jurors and it was a pleasure playing with you all.
I have worked my butt of all season long, created alliances, made big moves, never gave up and that’s why I think I deserve to win Survivor: Nicobar Islands. Good luck to Tyler and Sam. Thank you everyone! :)
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