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Sharky 3000
• 1/11/2014

Day 7- Immunity Challenge Continued

Hello everyone! Here are everyones truths/lies. Please guess everyone but your owns!  Good luck!


Both grandparents on my moms side were born in Argentina

I have a painting of a ship hanging in my room 

When I was eight I was in a fatal bus crash that killed three of my classmates   


1. I can swim good.

2. I can camp by myself in the woods.

3. I can fish. 


1. I have a cousin called Raphael

2.I have broken 2 bones in my body

3.I am a huge fan of Naughty Dog


I like blue 

I like green 



I gained 55 pounds my freshman year of college.

I created a Facebook page for our English Mastiff a few years back.

I have never broken a bone


1) My favorite Survivor contestant is Amanda Kimmel

 2) My least favorite Survivor contestant is Michael Skupin 

3) My second favorite Survivor contestant is Ozzy Lusth  


I can play the ukelele

I've never had a pet

I play a lot of sports 


I lack nerves in my feet 

I have an IQ of 163

I hate this challenge  


I am Taoist

I have prepared and cooked a feast for my friends and I consisting of the finest lobster and breads, desserted with rich chocolate cake

I am Bun Heindenschloff 

Guesses due in 18 hours! 5 PM PST Tomorrow!

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Sharky 3000
• 1/11/2014
did only 9 people submit truth/lies?
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